Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Expensive Excess Baggage

In today’s economy people are universally cutting all unnecessary costs. Times are tough and money is tight for all individuals, as well as businesses. Moreover, even the mass conglomerates that own the skies must cut back as well. What was once a bring all you can standard, even the superfluous, for flight passengers has come to a screeching halt.

Not only are passengers being charged for their second, third, and fourth bag, but their first as well. Because of this, a reasonable, money saving passenger packs lightly and with caution. There is no need, nor room, for those ten pairs of designer jeans on a three day trip. Nor is there a need to drag along multiple bags as carryon luggage, making your flight and that of surrounding passengers, uncomfortable, bumpy, and cramped.

You may be thinking that this is an obvious observation that need not be mentioned. Money is scarce. People need to be more conscience of their decisions when packing and avoid being ultimately broke, right? Then why is this concept so hard to translate to relationships? Who wants excess baggage while taking a trip with someone on that pivotal first, second, and possibly third date? When the costs far outweigh the benefits, why are we willing to settle with another’s baggage?

We are no longer living in an era where baggage check is free. Nor do men and women marry their first boyfriend or girlfriend straight out of high school. With progress and time, we are presented with more options in life, as well as in life partners. Coincidently, men and women are choosier and more conscience of whom they marry. Because of this, one invariably racks up quite the number of ex boyfriends or girlfriends in the years it takes to find “the one”. During those years of jumping from one relationship to the next, men and women can’t let go of that last relationship until they are certain the next one is for keeps.

Instead of checking their baggage at the front gate, these persons want to take their past and carry it on flight with them. Men and women reason that this is less costly- being that they have relationship A if B doesn’t work out. On the other hand, this is costly for the other passengers on flight. Who wants to sit with someone with so much baggage? How much is too much? Is it fair to travel with any at all?

I, for one, find it selfish and annoying. I am one of those disgruntled third party passengers who is vieing for space on the elbow rest. Move your baggage, move over, or I'm moving on.....