Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forever.... In Lieu of Valentine's Day

So here it is. Another Valentine's Day or just another Monday. For me, it's just another Monday. And I have not one problem with that.

I have several single girlfriends who were a bit distraught these past few days as the apocalypse of love was upon them. While I did joke with those girlfriends that we would drink our singledom away, I was genuinely not bothered with the awareness of that singledom this Monday morning. Had I had a boyfriend, I am sure I would have some plans for this evening. However, I do not, and that’s ok too. I will spend this Monday evening as I do every every other, going to the gym after work then heading home to make myself a fine meal.

I am and always have been the only offspring of my family who does not regularly bring around significant others. While in the past my brothers have brought every girl they have ever kissed to family functions and Sunday dinners at my parents’ house, I respectfully abstain from this practice.

I do not believe that I am any better or any worse for not wanting to bring just any man that I currently have occupying my single spare time to formally meet the fam. I just don't do it because it's not something I like to do.

I can count the number of men that I have introduced to my family to on one hand. And I would like to keep it this way. As some of you can tell, I date a lot of men. I am fully aware of my fickle dating habits. Most often I do not date these men thinking they are "the one". I am typically thinking they are "the one of the week" and sometimes if they are lucky, "the one of the month." Because my interest in these persons is fleeting, I don't want to waste my family's or my time, introducing these great companions, when I know they aren't going to be in my life for the long haul.

Had I met and fell absurdly in love with someone, I am sure I would have the need, the want, the urge to introduce him to everyone I know. But I haven't. So for now, I'll continue having great fun with great men I meet and when I do find "the one of forever", my family will know because they will actually get to meet this fellow instead of reading about him on my blog. And "the one of forever" will know how I feel because he'll know that not everyone, or anyone for that matter, gets to meet my family.

So in ode to that, here is one of my all time favorite love songs that describes exactly how I feel about the one I haven't met...