Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jealousy at 8 AM

I wish I could be one of those women who is completely put together on their way to work at 8 am. Their hair is perfectly straightened and styled. They typically have on nice tailored pants and a freshly ironed blouse with coat and outerwear all matching. However, there are several reasons why this may happen only once a week for me. I guess you can call it immaturity, but I’d rather hit snooze for an hour and 15 minutes to sleep, then wake up to shower and straighten my hair. Apparently I always feel optimistic the night before, but when that alarm goes off and its still dark outside, no amount of pride for looking good on a Pittsburgh City bus could get me out of bed.

Other days, I’d rather spend my nights out with friends having cocktails into the wee hours of the morning, than prepare an outfit for work the night before. On some rare occasions, however, I can pull off sleeping in my clothes and just retouching my eye liner, so long as the bar was smoke free. Hence my one day a week I look put together on the bus..

And sometimes, I just don't sleep at home to have the luxury to get ready in the morning? On those days, there is not a shot in hell I will look decent and I would MUCH rather be staying up late in those instances, than sleeping alone so I can get a good nights sleep.

I sometimes wonder if these women have social lives that they find the time to do this? But maybe that’s just my jealousy talking…