Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Men don't change their stripes, but they do change their bed mates, and often

I think it's the general consensus that John Mayer is an idiot. Or, to be fair, what he says to the media, makes him sound like an idiot. The comments he makes in interviews and to paparazzi are just retarded.

BUT, I admire the guy. I kinda dig him too. Not just for his blatant sexuality and sleeve tattoos, but for his bluntness. Here is a guy that tells the media anything, from his hygiene to his personal sexual experiences, in detail, I might add. Most women would and should hate him. He's a complete dick to women and is everything no woman should want in a stable relationship. But all women should be able to appreciate his honesty. Not about what he says, because I think even he knows that half of it is bullshit, but honest with who he is.

John Mayer is the type of guy, or seems to be the type of guy, that you may eye up in a bar. He's attractive, so this is in the realm of possibility. And if you didn't know him, you might go over to him and strike up a conversation. He will, without a doubt, look you up and down, and decide whether or not he wants to take you home. He will then look you straight in the eye and say something to the effect of, "You're going to be a great one night stand."

The girl, or you, will giggle at his what appears to be, rudeness, but is in actuality the honest truth. You will then follow through with his aforementioned plan, thinking you may be John Mayer's next girlfriend. You will then feel demoralized and completed offended when he asks you to leave immediately after he's had his way with you.

Women do this so often. They think they are going to change his stripes. But the thing I love about John is that he blatanly tells you the truth. Its not his fault you twisted his words. Is what he says about women offensive? Yes. Do women still sleep with him? Apparently so. Is he honest about his behavior and mindset? Yes.

So stop crying about him and appreciate a man that tells the truth, even if its not what you want to hear.