Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Walk of Shame: Progression or Regression?

This past Sunday morning, I took my parents to a popular Southside diner. Its popularity stems from the fact that it’s close, on Carson Street and such a variety of individuals hang out there, that the likelihood of anyone being judged at this establishment is slim to none. Coincidently, I took my parents there for the first two reasons.

After our cookie cutter family sat down in a red vinyl booth and were handed our menus from the tattooed 65 year old waitress with hair down to her bottom, my father carefully scanned every area of the restaurant in his panoramic view. While watching, I was certain a question would arise.

“Why are so many of these girls so dressed up at 9 am?” my dad asked.

Without even looking at the sequin dressed brunette sitting to my right and short skirted blonde with men’s tennis shoes on sitting across from her, I laughed. I did not believe that my 64 year old father did not know what the walk of shame was, I just don’t think that he fully understood young women’s impudence.

The Walk of Shame is not some new age movement. Women have been sleeping at men’s quarters for decades. To prove my theory, I bring to your attention the television series, Mad Men. In it, Christina Hendricks plays a cheeky ginger known for her over the top, coy sexuality. Yes I realize those two adjectives are antonyms, but watch the show and you’ll get it. Anyways, in the show, the women go out for a night on the town, prepared for the Walk of Shame the next day. In one episode of the first season, Joan goes out with her roommate with a change of clothes and other items for the next day in her bag. How clever!

However, it seems that women these days are either not so innovative (unlikely) or they just don’t give a damn if someone knows they did not sleep at home the night before (100% likely).

By no means am I making the statement that I have not been at Tom’s Diner at 10 am, wearing men’s clothing. And my mother carefully made note of that fact when she responded to my father, “oh this is what your daughter usually likes like on her way home in the morning too.” However, I am making a comment on the fact that our generation is too lazy and uncaring of the fact that we look like whores. College aged women and older no longer care how society views and judges them. We are independent, strong minded individuals. However, is this new tradition really a step forward with progression? Or should we be more like Joan Holloway and mindfully hide at least some of our sexuality?

“They haven’t been home from the night before yet dad, they haven’t been home.”