Monday, August 22, 2011

I Once Went On a Date With a Guy Who....

1. was an admitted sex addict (I found this out after the fact)
2. cried when I wouldn't allow him to sleep over
3. cried for no reason at all while walking home from a date
4. was a drug dealer
5. was a drugg addict
6. talked jokingly about being gay non-stop
7. told me it was ok that he had a girlfriend because we hadn't figured out what our status was going to be
8. had a fiance that he lived with
9. was a male model who talked about his "jobs" the entire time. You can not call yourself a model when you pay photographers to photograph you...
10. broke up with me on a post-it (yes, that ACTUALLY happened to me and is not just a Sex and the City episode)
11. was a professional athlete
12. told me that his purpose in life was to spread his seed
13. said it was ok that he wasn't faithful to women because he was in the military and our country owed it to him
14. called me fat and proceeded to nonstop call and ask why I left our date early
15. I worked with. Obviously forcing me to quit when things didn't work out...