Sunday, January 20, 2013

Self Obsessed Self Portraits Part Two

Quite awhile back, I posted a blog entitled "Self Obsessed Self Portraits," which can be found here: 

At the time, I was probably dually annoyed and secretively jealous of the self portraits I was frequently viewing on Facebook of pretty girls while I was frequently becoming bigger with an impending birth. Now, almost two years since that post, I still see these Facebook and Instagram "selfless" that regardless of the name change, are none less annoying. However, in the past two years when many of my Facebook friends and Instagram followers have grown and matured as people and internet users, others have not. 

There are a fortunate few that might look back and laugh for posting a fish face of themselves in the bathroom mirror at Marios. Others may not find their past activity quite as entertaining, but may simply not participate in the practice any longer. Either way, I'm pleased and not discussing those persons.

In my previous post, I discussed why not only does this type of self obsession and promotion leave you open to critique, it also makes you look less attractive regardless of what Instagram filter you use. I questioned who these photos were for? The new guy you are dating? The girl you are trying to make hate you? And I really did not come up with a conclusion, just asked politely that people stop participating in this awkwardly annoying trend.

Which brings us to today….A few nights ago, a close friend and I were gossiping late into the night when the subject of a girl we both know and honestly, do not care much for, came up in conversation. Particularly, her 546 daily self portraits that appear on her Instagram. And instead of making fun of her, as we unfortunately would have two years ago, we both became quite sad when we realized that this girl must ultimately be very lonely. 

Desperation is the conclusion I have reached from my post and question two years ago. Point blank period. A need for attention (which I guess one could argue any social media platform is about). 

While I had reached the nirvana of social networking epiphanies, it seems that these other Facebook users and Instagram followers may be older, but none the wiser. In those two years, many have went from their still moderately naive mid twenties to either late twenties and some even thirties. Which makes things all the more sad.

What was once done for a plethora of other ostensible reasons, making a guy want you, making another girl jealous, now just appears painfully sad and gross to see. With the progression of social media and the pushing of boundaries for what is and is not appropriate, these pictures have not only become larger in quantity, but progressively more and more risque. 

A little cleavage in 2011, has turned into full blown nudity with only body parts covering other body parts. So one must ask yourself, other than auditioning for Playboy or some other outlet of the like, for what purpose would a woman post such a private picture for the whole world to see on a Friday night?

I question my need for social media sites daily and the real purpose of them. Why are we so apt to post so much of our privates lives in such an impersonal way? Why are we friends with 529 people, yet only know the middle names of two of them? And this continuing trend is just another reason that I am seriously considering deleting my account. Not only do I feel bad after seeing so many smart, pretty girls post pathetic pictures of themselves daily, I wonder why they are so lonely that they need to reach out to the world with this outcry of desperation.

They need a friend, not Facebook.